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Event Information
Tuesday 11 July 2017

Successfully Profiting from HMO Investment and Management


Special Guest Speaker James O'Grady and Bill Patel

Date: Tuesday 11 July 2017

Location: Holiday Inn Brentwood, CM14 5NF (Onsite parking for just £1)

Itinerary: 18:30 - Casual networking
19:00 - Members introductions
19:25 - Main event & special guest speaker
20:20 - Finger buffet
20:40 - Q&A
21:15 - Casual networking

Event Information

At the next EPN, Bill and James will be sharing their strategies for successful HMO investing and management. I-Occupy now manage hundreds of HMO rooms in and around Luton.

Bill’s background started as an electrician at 16 when he opened his first company (Landworth Electrics) in 2007 and built the business from scratch to a £1.2M turnover in 4 years before selling out to his business partner in 2011 and jumping feet first into full time property investing.

James’s spent 15 years as a professional musician travelling the world, then started re-investing in single lets in 2006 and quickly found that it wasn’t juicy enough and bought a block of 12 flats in 2007, James developed a scheme for mental health/ supported living within the 12 flats. He then went on to develop and project manage a 4 bed semi into 7x 1 bedroom flats and implemented another scheme for learning disabilities/ supported living.

Their first deal was bought for £235k and spent £200k (almost 50% of the purchase price) developing the property, the deal had “no money left in” with a £2,000 PCM net profit whilst paying down the debt. They also ventured into the world of commercial finance which they say has been an eye opening experience.

The HMO market is fast developing and Bill and James are looking forward to sharing with you, details of exactly how they stay ahead of the competition and continue to expand their HMO portfolio without letting standards fall.

This event is not to be missed.

Join us at the next EPN where James O'Grady and Bill Patel will be teaching us:

  • How to find profitable HMO deals in your area
  • Pitfalls to avoid whilst growing a HMO portfolio
  • Overcoming financing issues when funding HMO acquisitions
  • Top tips for successfully managing HMOs

Secure your seat now

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