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Property News in Essex


Written by Paul Higgs of Millbank Group | The Land Experts After starting developing on a small scale over 30 years ago (refurbishing houses, gradually progressing to splitting houses into flats and then working on small new-build schemes) I eventually came to […]

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Written by Aadil Butt of The Finance Equation   Since the 1970’s property title theft has been steadily increasing. There are a number of reasons for this. Title deeds have now moved from being private documents, when you had to ask for […]

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Vat tax

Written by Aadil Butt of The Finance Equation This article looks at VAT on rental income and serviced apartments. VAT on Rental Income I often get asked by residential property landlords if their rental income is subject to VAT. I am a […]

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Our friends over at the Property Investors Awards recently released an interesting infographic about the Future of Property Investment. If you click on the infographic below, we will be able to read the full article on the Property Investors Awards website. Click […]

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Essex Property Network speaker Toyin

Who is Toyin Ayandare? Toyin believes in positive affirmations and visualisation of her goals.  She has a strong Christian faith which she says has supported her throughout her property journey particularly through challenging  times. Background Toyin describes herself as being a prolific […]

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