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Property News in Essex

Essex Property Network speaker Toyin

Who is Toyin Ayandare? Toyin believes in positive affirmations and visualisation of her goals.  She has a strong Christian faith which she says has supported her throughout her property journey particularly through challenging  times. Background Toyin describes herself as being a prolific […]

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Image of Catherine and Steve

  Who is Catherine Turner?   Catherine has been a hands-on landlord and property investor since 2012. She loves working with and learning from other property investors and finds it inspiring to work with and spend time with other female entrepreneurs. Catherine […]

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Essex Property Investors Directory - Copy

The EPN team are in the process of putting together an Essex Property Investor Directory (EPID) that will be downloadable by anyone searching for Essex Property Investors on-line. The Essex Property Network website currently gets over 5,000 unique visits per month and […]

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Written by Claire Bartley | Web: www.homestransformed.com I would like to tell a rags to riches story, say that every single transaction was either no money down, bought at 30% below market value, secured for a pound, none of my own money, no […]

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