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About Us

Our Mission

“Uniting and supporting property investors and landlords throughout Essex.”

The Essex Property Network (EPN) is the premier property networking event in Essex for landlords, investors and other professionals in the property industry.

The EPN was founded in 2009 by Cyril Thomas to act as a platform to connect people with like minded property investors and professionals, enable our members to create profitable business opportunities, and give our members a significant voice in the Essex property industry.

The EPN have fulfilled this and over the years have built key relationships with local businesses and government which have further helped to raise the profile of the network and its members and establish its credibility as one of the leading property events in the country.

As well as being a great networking opportunity, the monthly EPN meeting also attracts some of the UK’s leading property experts who provide educational value through our speaking slots at our monthly networking meetings.

As well as the monthly networking meeting, EPN also organise a number of trainings, workshops and Out of Hours networking events such as Go Karting, giving our members further opportunities to network and build lasting relationships that create opportunities to develop business.

At the EPN you will have the opportunity to meet joint venture (JV) partners, property sourcers, landlords, investors, letting agents, solicitors, accountants and many other property professionals from related industries.

3 Reasons to attend the Essex Property Network

  • Network with property investors and professionals at all levels
  • Learn from the UK’s leading property experts
  • Access a wide range of resources to help grow your property business


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