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Profiting from Lease Options in today’s property market


Special Guest Speaker Shimon Rhudich

Date: Tuesday 10 February 2015

Location:Holiday Inn Brentwood, CM14 5NF (Free Parking)

Itinerary: 18:30 - Casual networking
19:00 - Members introductions
19:25 - Main event & special guest speaker
20:20 - Finger buffet
20:40 - Q&A
21:15 - Casual networking

Event Information

Shimon is a founding Partner at MS Law LLP and acts exclusively for property investors, whether companies or individuals. Shimon has acquired an extensive amount of experience in residential and commercial property matters from the sale and purchase of singular properties to large portfolios.

In the past few years Shimon has also acquired extensive experience in setting up, acting for and advising a number of Bridging and Lending Companies. His tasks have varied from approving lending facilities to negotiating business terms and conditions with institutional banks and underwriters and Shimon is now the sole appointed Solicitor for some of his Bridging Companies clients.

Shimon is also a successful property investor and offers his clients practical know how combined with technical knowledge on the latest property schemes and techniques in order to actively contribute to his clients financial success.

At the end of the evening you will have a good understanding of what property options are and how you can use them to grow your own property portfolio and to gain financial freedom. You will probably not know enough to be able to succeed but you will certainly understand the opportunities and the power behind all these option strategies and why you must learn these strategies if you really want to succeed in the property market in 2015!


Who should attend?

The Essex Property Network is the ideal place to mix with experienced and novice property investors. You will be able to meet like minded investors and potential joint venture partners.If you want to enhance your property investment skills or simply be enthused and inspired, the Essex Property Network is the place for you.   

Why you should attend

  • Meet with many local active property investors
  • Share their successes and challenges
  • Pick up tips and ideas to help you succeed
  • Push your boundaries
  • Find potential JV Partners
  • Network and associate with like minded people
  • Make a commitment to succeed
  • Find out what strategies are working today
  • Meet with brokers, solicitors, new contacts, and other property professionals

Join us at the next EPN when Shimon Rhudich will be sharing with us:

  • How you can cash out of properties you don’t own
  • How to make serious money within 6/12 months
  • How to do options on negative equity properties, on derelict properties, on land and developments
  • How to structure lease options in a legal way
  • How to structure lease options in an ethical why and make a WIN WIN scenario
  • How to get £300/1,000 per month on properties you don’t own
  • How to convert impossible property deals that other investors would throw in the bin

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