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Profiting from Rent-to-Rent in today’s property market


Special Guest Speaker Francis Dolley

Date: Tuesday 10 March 2015

Location:Holiday Inn Brentwood, CM14 5NF (Free Parking)

Itinerary: 18:30 - Casual networking
19:00 - Members introductions
19:25 - Main event & special guest speaker
20:20 - Finger buffet
20:40 - Q&A
21:15 - Casual networking

Event Information

‘Rent 2 Rent’ is a hot topic in the property world, but it’s far from easy money: as well as the legal minefield, there’s the tricky business of finding the deals, the headache of keeping your rooms full and also not becoming overwhelmed with all those tenants.

Along with his daughter Emily, Francis has built up a BIG cashflow and a portfolio of properties using the Rent 2 Rent strategy and they have trained over 500 people to do the same using his system.

Francis spent a lot of his working life in the construction industry working from the bottom up, with at one time 17 employees, it was a busy life. Being a keen sportsman, Francis played football all over the Eastern bloc countries and now does a bit of running most days. He first became a landlord in 1995, and jumped into full time property investing in 2010, boosting his portfolio with 2/3 bedroom houses and both licensed and unlicensed HMO’s.

It was slow going and money was often tight – then he discovered Rent 2 Rent and it all changed when he increased his cashflow by £5k NET pcm in 5 months.

He now has a portfolio of 28 owned and controlled properties, generating an income of almost £10k net pcm. He is continuing to grow the Rent 2 Rent business and is using some of the profits to buy all en-suite, high end HMO’s that will give him the capital growth that Rent 2 Rent’s do not.

By the end of the evening you will have a basic understanding of what Rent 2 Rent is all about, and how you can use this strategy to Turbo-Charge your own property business and build a solid cashflow base. Many people are already enjoying HUGE successes using this strategy and there is still plenty of time for you to jump in and learn to implement the brilliant system that Francis is using to great effect.


Who should attend?

The Essex Property Network is the ideal place to mix with experienced and novice property investors. You will be able to meet like minded investors and potential joint venture partners.If you want to enhance your property investment skills or simply be enthused and inspired, the Essex Property Network is the place for you.   

Why you should attend

  • Meet with many local active property investors
  • Share their successes and challenges
  • Pick up tips and ideas to help you succeed
  • Push your boundaries
  • Find potential JV Partners
  • Network and associate with like minded people
  • Make a commitment to succeed
  • Find out what strategies are working today
  • Meet with brokers, solicitors, new contacts, and other property professionals

Join us at the next EPN when Francis Dolley will be sharing with us:

  • Getting the Letting Agents on board
  • Employing a property manager . . . for free
  • Finding an endless supply of tenants
  • Avoiding the common mistakes
  • Automate everything
  • The systemising of buying HMO’s


He will also be giving away some of his legendary manuals as prizes.

This evening could change your life.


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