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Property cycles and what to expect in 2017 | Award-winning property investment strategies


Special Guest Speaker David Clouter and Kevin Edge

Date: Tuesday 10 January 2017

Location:Holiday Inn Brentwood, CM14 5NF (Onsite parking for just £1)

Itinerary: 18:30 - Casual networking
19:00 - Members introductions
19:15 - Main event & special guest speakers
20:20 - Finger buffet
20:40 - Q&A
21:15 - Casual networking

Event Information

Property cycles and what to expect in 2017

David is a phenomenally knowledgeable property investor with a wealth of experience in the industry. Property Multi-Millionaire, Mentor, Cambridge University graduate and former BBC broadcaster, David became an accidental landlord 33 years ago when he did his first rent-to-rent, in order to replace some noisy neighbours. In a little more detail, David has spent his property career investing in single lets in Cambridge, HMOs in London, and flipping properties amongst many other things, all part of his long term, multi-strategy approach.

On the night, David will be sharing his knowledge with us in relation to property cycles and where he thinks we are heading in 2017.

Award-winning property investment strategies

With a background in construction, Kevin’s award winning property deal took him out of his comfort zone allowing him to learn a lot during the process. Kevin considers his deal to be a huge step up for him and one that will completely change the direction of his business. He recently won Property Deal of Year at the national Property Investors Awards. Having proved to himself what he can achieve, he now has his sights set on larger projects and will share his story and strategies with you on the night. We are privileged to be the first network that Kevin has chosen to share strategies with. This event is not to be missed.


Who should attend?

The Essex Property Network is the ideal place to mix with experienced and novice property investors. You will be able to meet like minded investors and potential joint venture partners.If you want to enhance your property investment skills or simply be enthused and inspired, the Essex Property Network is the place for you.   

Why you should attend

  • Meet with many local active property investors
  • Share their successes and challenges
  • Pick up tips and ideas to help you succeed
  • Push your boundaries
  • Find potential JV Partners
  • Network and associate with like minded people
  • Make a commitment to succeed
  • Find out what strategies are working today
  • Meet with brokers, solicitors, new contacts, and other property professionals

Join us at the next EPN when David Clouter and Kevin Edge will be sharing with us:

Property cycles and what to expect in 2017

  • What we’ve learnt from past property cycles
  • Where we are now now in the property market
  • What 2017 potentially has in store for us
  • How to prepare for the opportunities to come
  • Profitable property investment strategies that are being used today

Award-winning property investment strategies

  • Structuring award winning¬†property deals
  • Case study about the deal that helped Kevin become and award winning property investor
  • Property plans for 2017

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